Q. How many times can a Company submit a nomination? Only one submission is required, multiple submissions don't improve a Company's chances of advancing.

Q. How long does a company need to be in business to qualify? A little more than 2 years. We require minimum 2018 revenues of $250,000.

Q. Can I nominate a Company I don't work for? Of Course! Just know that we will need verifiable data such as financials if the company advances to the next round. That said, if you have a good relationship with the business, such as an Investor, family member, supplier, advisor or Agency, that's the best scenario.

Q. Can a company that sells digital products be nominated? While we understand that digital products may be part of an online Merchant's product offerings, it is preferred that the shipping of physical products makes up at least 50% of a companies revenues.

Q. What is E-Commerce Day? E-Commerce Day is an inspirational learning conference in multiple locations around the United States. The Shoppy Awards 2020 will be connected to E-Commerce Day NY in October. Visit E-CommerceDay.com for more info.