If you’re an e-commerce brand who has mastered a channel marketing strategy, chances are you’re curious about what comes next. 

  • How do you diversify the way you reach customers? 
  • How do you maximize new technology investments?
  • How do you continue to battle increasing customer acquisition costs?
  • And — perhaps most importantly — how do you continue to build a community from your customers?

For many, exploring SMS marketing may be the answer to these questions. So how do you get started?

In this piece by Postscript, you’ll start by learning about how SMS has become popular with e-commerce brands. What was once considered a sensitive channel to use is now commonplace for many retailers, since consumers are becoming more accustomed to hearing from brands on what was once a channel reserved for family and friends. 

While it may be easy to assume that SMS marketing is only used for promotions, some brands use it for almost every instance of customer communication — like support, re-ordering, and conversational commerce. 

Before you get started on a SMS campaign, it’s important to be mindful of the rules, regulations, and best practices that surround SMS marketing. Whether it’s appropriate send volume, opt-out keywords, or general TCPA compliance, you should read up on what guidelines your brand needs to follow to stay on the right side of the law (and not face hundreds of dollars worth of fines.)

Read more in this piece.

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