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You may submit nominations on behalf of a client, customer or portfolio company. Submit online, or contact us to purchase Nominations in Bulk.

A Nomination now means more to a Merchant than ever.

E-Commerce businesses need your help, shine a light on your top performers and get them the recognition they deserve.

The variety of Awards and excellence we are distributing can help merchants large and small earn accolades for various parts of their businesses beyond revenue. Here are the categories being highlighted:

Company of the Year

Organic Growth

Customer Retention

Customer Service

Lifetime Value

Software Applications


Benefit w/Nomination

Highlight the Winners

Your portfolio of clients has some standouts, and your people or solutions helped make that happen. Highlight your winners to inspire others to look to you for guidance on how to become a winner too.

Show Them You Care

By nominating your clients, you are showing them that you care about the hard work they’ve put in to get where they are. They deserve the attention and accolades and The Shoppy Awards is a public way to do that.


Secure Vetting Process

Nominees will go through a thorough and secure vetting process. We only utilize ultra-secure bank-grade technology to examine your business data when needed.

Everyone Wins

Not everyone gets a trophy, although being Nominated tells the world that a business is a “Winner”. Your clients will get noticed alongside other well known brands or websites. And so will you.

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